Why Choose Us?

We could sit here and use all the ‘right’ baby words…

“they are yummy and scrummy” but that’s not us.


We are real parents and want to talk to you adult to adult.


Yes, we’ve got a kiddyish name, but we thought if we just wrote, “look at our cubes!” on the front of the pack, you may have wondered who they were for.


We are committed to developing nutritious, tasty products for your children but also, importantly, making life a bit easier for you.


The cubes are made using high quality, 100% natural, organic ingredients.

They are prepped, gently cooked in small batches, then frozen into cubes in trays. Just like you would at home, if you had the time (or inclination).


We’ve made them frozen because, quite frankly, it’s the most natural preservative there is. No need for any further processes or additives.

There are 6 different products, that all taste great...

Dietitian Expertise

Jo and Leo, our Harley Street dietitians, have worked hard to ensure each combination is packed with great flavours, texture and importantly, nutrition.



The cubes are ideal for any weaning baby from 6 months, just served on their own.


However, the magic is that as your little one grows, you can mix the cubes into other dishes


(either your own or ones that our dietitians have created) or you can even use them yourself; they are great in a smoothie.

We’re Kind

Minimal waste

40g (2 cubes) is classed as a portion, but you know your child best so depending on their appetite you can heat up as much or as little as you like. No more opening a jar/pouch and wasting half the contents.


No single use plastic

with 5 portions per pack there is no single use plastic. Furthermore, the packs are resealable, so no cubes rumbling around in your drawers. Oh stop it, you know what we mean!

Supporting you

While this product is all about nutrition for your kids, this brand is also about YOU!


Through our social media channels and website, we want to provide interesting, nutritional content and hints and tips to keep the whole family healthy, mentally and physically. As let’s face it, those early years are not easy!

We give 10% of our profits to charities


who support parents facing mental health challenges

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